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Quality Policy

As a trading and service partner for fasteners, drawing parts, hand and power tools, fastening parts, operating equipment and lifting devices, Keller & Kalmbach has given the quality of its products a high priority within its corporate policy. All employees should contribute to this by taking appropriate measures.

Integrated quality of doing is a state of mind that is to be understood as a fundamental behavior in daily (working) life. The quality awareness and the cooperation of the employees should therefore be constantly promoted. The satisfaction and motivation of the employees is continuously improved by a suitable social and operational environment.

The quality of our products and services is defined by

  • the demands of our customers
  • the expected use
  • the state of the art
  • the statutory provisions
  • and the environmental and safety regulations

A concordance / harmony between cost awareness and quality objectives is to be achieved.
The goal is a trustful cooperation with our customers through a high level of performance and quality capability. The achieved customer satisfaction defines the benchmark of our quality.
The basis is a comprehensive quality assurance of all processes with continuous improvement to meet the requirements and needs of our customers. A significant contribution to this is the integration of quality capable suppliers into our QM system on a partnership basis.
The suppliers must be aware of our quality requirements and those of our customers, only then can a QM control loop function effectively.
Through continuous improvement, all processes and areas are to be constantly developed.
The implementation of our quality policy and the objectives derived from it is the task of all employees.
In order to integrate the defined quality into the structural and procedural organisation as an integral part of the tasks, GL has established a quality management system which is described in our QM handbook. The quality management manual contains the quality specifications that the organizational units must comply with.
With the active participation of all those involved, "Total Quality Management" (TQM) as a comprehensive quality management system should lead to lasting business success.
We want to give life to the documented QM system through our principle "Acting with quality", which is anchored in tradition.

Keller & Kalmbach GmbH